Monday, January 05, 2009

Preventive Health Makes Care Affordable

As a parent, preventive health nurse, and scientist, I care deeply and advocate strongly for wholesome foods, education, and personal health control. In classes, books, and online, new information links nutrition to specific illnesses. My job is testing information against the yardstick of evidence: how does the evidence stack up? (Does it work?)

With my young family, I found simple ways to keep my family healthy, with evidence based nutrition. I looked for better and easier ways for my husband, working far from home, to eat healthfully.

My sons, now adult men who cook for themselves, know the basics of healthy eating and food preparation. My husband, working out-of-state, spreads a gospel of healthy eating, delighting friends, family, and coworkers with delicious healthy, raw fruit and veg blender smoothies.

Today, I work for a fledgling nonprofit. I continue to research, write, improve recipes, and teach health classes to people who want to know what they should eat to

  • help control pain
  • heal colitis
  • control weight, blood sugar, blood pressure
  • manage their moods / attention deficit
  • help prevent and treat numerous health conditions

For our parents and grandparents who may not have much appetite or patience for regular food, I have a project planned to deliver Senior Smoothies so they can enjoy superb nutrition in a milk shake-like drink delivered to their door.

Now, more than ever, the need is pressing for information to stay healthy. Now, more than ever, my life's work is still the care and feeding of my family, and today my family is you, your loved ones, and the family of man. Now, more than ever, I need ideas for funding to continue and expand my work.


  • Hi, after reading your article about how you can write out a good food schedule. HOw do you figure it out? I am about 20 lbs over weight and have tried years and pills you name it I've tried it I'm 57 have a list of medcal issues and the doctors just will not address my weight issues. I have asked every time I go in which is alot to see the Dr. I have cronic pain and I will take my cymbalta with not forgetting I do think that is helps but my weight is a issue with me. Could you possably help with my problem I'm 5"3 and weight is 156. Thank you in advance with a response my email is grzteg72@yahoo.com

    By Blogger auntebabe, At 8:17 AM  

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